Call for Participation

We welcome submissions in diverse forms—descriptions of early-stage empirical work, reflective essays, or discussion papers. Submissions can address the topics of our proposal, in particular (but not limited to):
  • reflection on the current use of algorithms in many digital work platforms such as Uber, TaskRabbit, mTurk, Wikipedia and Upwork
  • the role of algorithms and algorithmic technologies in the workplace in all their guises
  • how workers engage in sense-making to understand algorithmic management
  • types of new workplaces and work practices that algorithms enable
  • challenges in building a work platforms mediated by algorithms
  • analytic vocabularies for algorithms
  • analysis of meanings that “algorithm” has taken on in CSCW and/or CHI research
  • design studies or ideas for algorithms at work or technologies through which the algorithms are enacted and which enable effective use
  • design principles that promote, rather than stile, worker agency in algorithmic workplace
  • ethical issues for algorithms at work

Please email workshop papers to:
Workshop papers should be 1-4 pages (in any format), and submitted by December 30, 2015. We encourage participants to submit early so that we can review quickly and in good time for early bird registration. At least one author must attend the workshop.


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